Re: recent Israel Government announcements


I am extremely dismayed by two very recent announcements by the Government of Israel.


Firstly, many more settlements (“E1”) are planned for East Jerusalem, cutting off the old city area from the West Bank.  (Settlements are of course illegal according to international law.)


When I visited East Jerusalem, I noticed that it was populated by Palestinians.  I fear that their welfare is being infringed upon, grossly.


As has been pointed out, the ‘two-State solution’ is being gravely jeopardised.


Secondly, the Government says it is going to deny revenue collected by Israel and owed to the Palestinian Authority.  Presumably, the intention is to bring about the financial collapse of the Palestinian Authority.  Is this humanitarian?


It appears that the Government is disappointed by the UN General Assembly’s decision to accept Palestine as a member, albeit not of full status.


I believe firmly that Israel should accept the majority vote at the UN.


Palestine is surely an entity?  If Palestine were to no part at the UN, then they would be disfranchised.  They would probably be unique in the world, in not being represented at the UN.


Israel possesses power – overwhelming fire-power, indeed – over the air, the sea, Gaza and Oslo Areas A and B.  I cannot help wondering how much more power Israel wants.


How sad that the part of the long-suffering Jewish people that lives in Israel is constantly oppressing the indigenous people – a people who are not responsible for the hurt done to the Jews over the past two thousand years.


David R Harries



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